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Enterprise Cloud Backup

Data is arguably the most valuable asset, which is why we provide a comprehensive cloud backup service with an integral disaster recovery solution. Now all what you need is an internet connection to back-up all your personal and enterprise data. You will be able to protect your data and systems by isolating them, blocking and reversing suspicious changes to data, backup files and backup agent. Our Solution will enable you to recover and restore your data and service faster than the traditional ways right here in Oman.

For further enquiries, please contact our sales team  ictsolutions@omantel.om

  Cloud Enterprise Backup: Startup Cloud Enterprise Backup: Plus Cloud Enterprise Backup: Premium
Storage 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB
Backup Physical Server/Desktop yes yes yes
Backup Cloud Server yes yes yes
Backup Endpoints yes yes yes
Backup Applications yes yes yes
Backup VMs yes yes yes
Office365 Mailbox yes yes yes



Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

Smart cities bring together infrastructure and technology to improve the quality of life of citizens and enhance their interactions with the urban environment. Internet of Things (IoT) uses devices such as connected sensors and meters to collect and analyze data, these data then used to improve Infrastructure, Public Utilities and Services

Smart Parking Solution Availability of Car Parking Spots on a Digital Sign or Mobile Application. Pay Using Multi-space Digital Meter & issue Tickets Get an alert When a car has been parked in a No-Parking Zone Analyze the Parking Utilization Data for Various Areas Change the Parking Fees Based on the Parking Utilization Conduct long-term capacity planning for parking in the city

Smart Waste Management Solution Visibility of all Waste bins (Sensors) Fire & Fallen Bin Alert Monitoring & Route Optimization of collection vehicles Reports & Preventive Maintenance Real-time tracking of vehicles Weight of Waste generated

Smart lighting Solution Remote visibility to all Lighting infrastructure in the City Metering, Fault Detection & Scheduling Services Group & Real Time Control Traffic and Weather Based Lighting Adaptation Accident Based Lighting Adaptation Intelligent Light Poles with Dynamic Signage.