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Corporate Static IP Addresses:

Facility Installation Charge Subscription charge
Per Static IP address 10 OMR 40 OMR / Month

- Subscriber will be offered the highest possible download and upload speed on the best effort.
- Internal wiring in your building, the firewall configuration on your PC, your location, the type of contents and distance to Wi-Fi and access point will impact the actual speed - Fair Usage Policy applies.
- Omantel will provide(F-F) Unlimited Free minutes from Omantel fixed line to Omantel fixed line.
- The (F-M) free minutes provided above – based on the package – are for calls from Omantel fixed line to Omantel mobile line.
- Omantel is determined to provide all of our customers the best possible broadband experience.

How to apply?

Print and Fill out the Fixed Business Broadband app form and send it to your account manager or submit it to your Omantel Outlet

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Your prepaid lines will automatically be recharged, saving you the hassle of having to manually recharge credit.




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Your prepaid lines will automatically be recharged, saving you the hassle of having to manually recharge credit.


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For Riyada Customers

For Riyada Customers


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Terms and Conditions

Don't have any doubts. Check our terms and condition, right now.

Read our full Terms & Conditions here

  1. The plans applicable for Riyadah customers
  2. The minimum commitment period is 1 year.
  3. In case FBB is not covered in a specific location, customers will have the option of data sim (100GB for plan 1, 200GB for plan2) with free MiFi device.
  4. SMS Marketing is a one-time service valid for 1 month
  5. Domain registration will be offered with (.om).
  6. Web Hosting service includes (Web Storage: 1GB, Email Storage: 200MB, Traffic: 50GB, MSSQL:1, MySQL: 1, E-mail accounts: 5, Sites and Subdomains: 1)
  7. Microsoft 365 Basic is a complete solution offered with 1 license in plan 100mbps, 3 license in plan 200mbps
  8. The Customer may upgrade their package anytime during the commitment period.
  9. In case of a downgrade, termination or change of ownership within the contract period, early termination fees shall apply as follows:
    • 1-Year Contract: (50% of Monthly subscription fee * remaining no. of months from the contract)
  10. The promotion is valid until 21-5-2024.

Required Documents for the service


  1. Copy of commercial registration
  2. Copy of Riyada card