Personal Corporate Governce
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Corporate Governance

Code of Ethics and Conduct

At Omantel, our leadership is committed to setting the highest ethical standards and guiding our employees to embody integrity and professionalism. We prioritize data privacy and adhere strictly to laws and regulations, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of the company's information. By fostering a culture of ethical awareness among our employees, we underscore our dedication to ethical governance and build lasting trust with our stakeholders and the broader community.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy Includes:

Personal Integrity

- Legal and moral responsibilities towards the company.
- Honesty with regulators.
- Report any conduct contrary to the laws and ethics.

Company Information

- Intellectual works and confidential information.
- Confidentiality of employee data.

Gifts and Entertainment

Company Assets

- Proper use of the company’s property.

Bribery and Corruption

(Health, Safety, and Environment)

- Committed to sustainable practices, taking into account the preservation of the environment.
- Safety

Business Integrity

- Records and disclosure.
- Representing the company before customers and others.
- Communicate with the community.

Workplace Practices and Human Rights

- Confidentiality of employee data
- Justice in employment
- Harassment and intimidation

Whistleblowing Policy

The whistleblowing policy affirms Omantel's commitment to integrity and ethical behavior by helping to foster and maintain an environment where employees, officers, directors, and any interested parties, including consumers or suppliers, can report misconduct without fear of retribution.

Omantel is committed to uphold the highest standards of Governance, Transparency, Integrity & Accountability. Therefore, Omantel developed its own whistleblowing policy setting the principles and steps to be followed in reporting violations to the laws or to the company bylaws and procedures. Reported violations shall be relevant to the company business or activities and regardless of being committed by Omantel's staff or its contractors in order for the company to undertake appropriate measures to investigate such violations.


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What are the violations that could be reported?

  • Staff and any interested party including any of the company customers or suppliers could report any irregularities without fear of retribution. Irregularities include any conduct contrary to the law and regulations, or the company policies including its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and any conduct deemed as unethical behavior.

Protection provided under the Policy.

  • The policy provides assurance and support reporting violations committed while undertaking or in connection with the company business or activities. It provides an option for speedy, effective, and confidential investigation within the company for the purported violations.
  • The company will provide protection to the person reporting a violation from any unjust or arbitrary decisions, harassment or act of reprisal attributed to bona fide reporting of the purported violations.

How do I report?

  • The person may anomalously send an email capturing at least the details providing below to the following address:

  • The name of the person reporting the violation (the person may opt not to disclosure her/his name).
  • The details of the reported violation (describing the act or conduct that the person wishes to report). Supporting evidence, if any.
  • Any additional information that may help investing the purported violation.