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Enterprise Virtual Private Server


Our Enterprise virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings are designed for large enterprises and the decision makers who have increasingly higher expectations as their organizations struggle to keep up with complex technology infrastructure without the heavy investments in dedicated fixtures like servers.

With our enterprise-grade VPS offerings, Omantel raises the bar by providing state-of-the-art architectures for our solutions, giving customers access to cost savings and rapid-yet-scalable deployments with predictable spending forecasts. At the same time, we ensure that our product offerings are simple to use, perform well and can be upgraded quickly.

Our VPS management layer provide control for our customers, to manage the utilization of the resources by specifying either fixed or dynamic parameters based on their configurations. These parameters can be CPU power, disk space, a set of memory-related parameters, number of NICs, swap memory, bandwidth & services.

Omantel ICT Enterprise version of VPS resource Manager takes care of sharing available hardware and node resources among VPS servers. This can ensure Quality of Service (QoS) with providing the optimum performance and resource isolation

Particulars Professional Executive
vCPU (Core) 8 12
Memory (GB) 32 64
Storage 512 GB 1 TB
OS option Windows or Linux Windows or Linux
Enhanced Security External VA , Firewall  and Network Services External VA , Firewall and Network Services
Antivirus Included Included
Application Scanning Included Included
Load Balancing Included Included
Internal + External VA Included Included
SSL Certificate Included Included
WAF Included Included
Public IP Included Included
Monthly Data Transfer 700 GB 700 GB
Monthly price (OMR) 740 915

Optional Services
Web Application Firewall
Load Balancing Service
Internal Vulnerability Assessment per server IP
Application Scanning
SSL Certificate
Additional Storage per 100MB
DB (SQL) per 2-core packs
Additional vCPU resources
Additional vRAM resources

How to apply?

If you are already one of our clients, please contact your Account Manager. If you don’t have an Account Manager, please contact our corporate sales team on ICTSolutions@omantel.om or call 2424 2888.