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Education as a Service


With advanced digital technologies, it is possible to break through the traditional education giving student’s interactive learning tools and teachers the opportunity to benefit from the rapid advancements in technology. Technology is opening up the world of education.

Our EaaS platform has been developed in collaboration with technology leaders according to the modernization needs of the education ecosystem of the Sultanate of Oman.

With EaaS, learning will be no longer confined to the classroom, students will be able to learn everywhere, whether it’s at school, at home or on the move. Students will be able to access the internet, record data, research information, upload assignments, collaborate both online and off-campus, digitally create and design, and communicate efficiently and effectively.

Teachers will be able to collaborate with other teachers outside the Sultanate, easily keep the student's records, present to students in new and engaging ways, and also enjoy the Continuous Professional Development.

With Omantel’s EaaS the schools will complement the MOE’s digitization efforts. This solution will enable the students and their teachers to access the latest technological tools which have enhanced educational opportunities. Integrating ICT into education will assure the schools higher graduation rates, improved matriculation rates for higher education and improved national academic rankings.

Omantel’s EaaS has been implemented on a trial basis in two of the biggest and well-known private schools in the Sultanate. The trial has been proven to be very beneficial for the schools and helped the schools in their further development.

Omantel EaaS packaged solution:

  1. Content: Digital certified content to enhance the learning experience for the students
  2. Smartboards: Interactive smartboards beam information on individual devices
  3. Teacher Devices: Powerful teacher laptops, fully integrated into the proposed solution
  4. Software / Applications: Educational suite and Learning Management Systems, also Students and teachers get access to several apps for teaching, (self-)learning and examinations
  5. Student Devices (Optional): Student tablets fully integrated into the proposed solution
  6. Training: Dedicated teacher trainings are key, and an integral part of the solution, The training of teacher readiness will be according to newest world standards. The solution provides also guides and videos for teachers and students on using the various solutions that they have access to
  7. Managed connectivity: Reliable hi-speed WiFi connectivity throughout the school
  8. Service Management & Support: Service management, Billing/ Contract management, and round-the-clock helpdesk and support service throughout the project.


EaaS standard package starts at less than 5 OMR per student per month, but this price will vary based on several factors, e.g. student devices are included or excluded, the contract duration, connectivity speed bandwidth, etc.

How to apply?

If you are already one of our clients, please contact your Account Manager. If you don’t have an Account Manager, please contact our corporate sales team on ICTSolutions@omantel.om or call 2424 2888.



Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

Smart cities bring together infrastructure and technology to improve the quality of life of citizens and enhance their interactions with the urban environment. Internet of Things (IoT) uses devices such as connected sensors and meters to collect and analyze data, these data then used to improve Infrastructure, Public Utilities and Services

Smart Parking Solution Availability of Car Parking Spots on a Digital Sign or Mobile Application. Pay Using Multi-space Digital Meter & issue Tickets Get an alert When a car has been parked in a No-Parking Zone Analyze the Parking Utilization Data for Various Areas Change the Parking Fees Based on the Parking Utilization Conduct long-term capacity planning for parking in the city

Smart Waste Management Solution Visibility of all Waste bins (Sensors) Fire & Fallen Bin Alert Monitoring & Route Optimization of collection vehicles Reports & Preventive Maintenance Real-time tracking of vehicles Weight of Waste generated

Smart lighting Solution Remote visibility to all Lighting infrastructure in the City Metering, Fault Detection & Scheduling Services Group & Real Time Control Traffic and Weather Based Lighting Adaptation Accident Based Lighting Adaptation Intelligent Light Poles with Dynamic Signage.