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Travel Insurance

Travel the world with peace of mind.

Focus on that journey you have been dreaming about, knowing that you will be covered in case of any flight delay, lost luggage or medical emergencies. With Omantel and AXA Travel insurance, you are free to relax and enjoy your trip.


AXA provides you with benefits to enjoy your holiday wherever you are in the world:
  • High-value protection cover – provides you with high level of compensation to safeguard you against unexpected incidents.
  • Around-the-clock accessibility – in case of any unexpected injury or illness, you have 24/7 access to worldwide medical emergency assistance.
  • Flexible coverage for yourself and/or your entire family to cover your full journey – you/your family will be automatically covered from the moment you arrive abroad to the moment you arrive back in Oman for a maximum period of 45 days (non-extendable and non-transferable).
  • Easy payment – automatic daily debit from available balance if you are a pre-paid customer and a monthly debit if you are a post-paid customer.
  • Low price – OMR 1 per day for individual rate and OMR 2 per day for family rate.

Eligibility criteria You can only register to the Travel Insurance Service in Oman.
The insured persons should be permanent resident(s) of the Sultanate of Oman and/or holding a valid residence visa or valid national ID.
The subscriber age should be 17 and up to 70 years old.
Family includes husband, wife (age 17 and up to 70 years old) and three dependent children maximum. (age above 3 months up to 16 years old).

Things to consider All the claims must be notified as soon as possible but within 30 days of the accident or illness for Procedure A* and no later than 30 days of the end of the trip for Procedure B**.
The insured must take all the necessary steps to prevent and minimize the occurrence of an injury, accident and loss or damage.

*Procedure A: Situations that require immediate assistance. (Located in Section 6. What to do in case of a claim in the policy handbook)
**Procedure B: Travel inconvenience that does not require immediate assistance. (Located in Section 6. What to do in case of a claim in the policy handbook)

In case of any query, please contact AXA on the below numbers:
General inquiry: 800 70 292
Medical emergency: +968 80072926
Any other claims: +968 24 400 100

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How to subscribe

Subscription to Travel Insurance can be done by sending SMS with keyword T to 90234.