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Jawazak in flight

Stay connected while roaming on board a flight with Jawazak Unlimited In-flight plan


Note: All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.

The plan allows you to stay online, make and receive calls, check social media, and more during flights anywhere in the world with ONAIR and AeroMobile networks.

Tariff Data, Minutes* and SMS Validity
5 OMR Unlimited One day pass (24 hours)

* (Minutes are applicable to all incoming and outgoing calls to any number across the world except calls to satellite and maritime numbers).

The ONAIR and AeroMobile networks are is solely dependent on the airlines so availability should be checked before subscribing to the package.

Airlines providing ONAIR Inflight network

Airlines providing AeroMobile Inflight network

How to subscribe

subscribe through SMS as shown below: Send an SMS with the letter ‘J’ to 91199 You will receive an SMS containing a list of all the available plans Select Unlimited In-flight offer. You will receive a confirmation message – reply ‘Y’ to confirm, ‘N’ to cancel You will receive a confirmation message that your plan is active Restart your device and your plan will be ready to use. (To check validity status SMS “J” to 91199, Select “0”)

Also you can activate it in mobile app: