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What is VAT?

VAT is an indirect tax that has been introduced by the Oman Government and is payable by both business and individuals.

How is VAT charged while subscribing to a plan?

VAT will be charged immediately on subscribing for the plan. VAT will be added to the subscription price of the plan.

How is VAT charged when using (PAYG)?

All our PAYG rates on voice and data will attract a VAT of 5%.

Does VAT apply on recharge purchased before April 16 and used after April 16?

VAT does not apply on the purchase of recharge vouchers. VAT at the rate 5% applies when you use your prepaid credit regardless of when the recharge voucher was purchased.

Will I be charged VAT if I transfer credit to my Omantel prepaid friends using Credit Transfer services?

No, VAT does not apply on the transfer of credit. However, VAT of 5% is applicable on the fee charged for facilitating the transfer.

Will I be charged VAT when I use the International credit transfer service from Omantel?

No, VAT does not apply on the transfer of International credit.

If I buy a new Prepaid SIM, will I pay VAT?

Yes, when purchasing a new SIM card, VAT at 5% is applicable

Does VAT apply on Tourist SIM?

Yes, VAT applies on the purchase of Tourist SIM card and usage of its credit.

I am a postpaid customer. How does VAT affect me?

In line with Government mandate, starting 16 April 2021, VAT at 5% will be added to your monthly bill. VAT applies to all new and existing monthly contracts. VAT does not apply to donations and charitable SMSes and certain third party purchases.

If I buy a new postpaid SIM, will I pay VAT?

Yes, when purchasing a new SIM card, VAT at 5% will be added.

Does VAT apply to contracts that started before 16 April 2021 and are still active?

Yes, VAT applies to existing monthly contracts continuing into 16 April 2021, even if they were signed before 16 April 2021

When will VAT come into effect?

Starting from 16 April 2021, VAT is effective at a standard rate of 5% on most goods and services including telecommunication services.

Does VAT apply on the purchase of handsets and other devices?

Yes, when paying the full price upfront on the purchase of a standalone handset, VAT is applicable on the sale price.

Does VAT apply on the purchase of handsets through installments plans?

In the case of purchases made on an installment contract, VAT on the retail price of the device is collected upfront and needs to be paid immediately and is not subject to payment through instalments.

Does VAT apply on the migration fees from postpaid to prepaid?

Yes, VAT is applicable on any associated migration fees and will be charged accordingly

Does VAT apply on foreclosure fees?

No, VAT is not applicable on foreclosure fees for non device plan commitments and services.

Does VAT apply on deposits for devices and other services?

No, VAT does not apply on deposits.

Does VAT apply on services “Pay on Apple Store with Mobile account” and “Pay on Google play using your Omantel Mobile account” and similar services?

In these services, the service provider i.e. Apple or Google will charge VAT and all your purchases including VAT will be added to your bill in case you are a postpaid customer and deducted from your credit in case you are a Prepaid customer.
Omantel will not charge any further VAT on the purchase value since VAT is already charged by the service provider.

I am a Home broad band / Fixed line services customer, how am I affected by VAT?

In line with Government mandate, starting 16 April 2021, VAT at 5% will be added to your monthly bill. VAT is applicable on all new and existing services and charges including monthly contracts, landline usage.

How is VAT applied on my monthly bill invoice?

The below three sections will be shown in your monthly bill invoice:
  1. Amount before VAT
  2. VAT Rate and Amount
  3. Total Amount Due include VAT payable

Will be the details of VAT calculation provided on the bill?

To help you understand your bill better, in the bill, we provide details of services that are taxable and those that are not.

What are “VAT adjustments” on my bill?

Certain adjustments or credits related to VAT from the previous month are reflected as VAT adjustments in your monthly bill.

What is Omantel’s VAT registration number?

Omantel’s VAT registration number is OM1100006083, the official registration certificate is available

How does VAT apply to Omantel products and services?

VAT applies to taxable products and services at a rate of 5%.

Since VAT is effective mid of the month for both consumer and enterprise, how the postpaid services bill for April will be calculated to include VAT?

VAT will be calculated on the full bill amount for the month of April 2021. Necessary adjustments for VAT on account of proration of April 2021 bill will be provided in the May 2021 bill. Further, for products where billing is carried out in advance, VAT on the prorate amount for April 2021 will be billed in May 2021.

Is VAT applicable on all the products and services provided by Omantel?

VAT is applicable on all of the products and services offered by Omantel except the donation to charitable organizations.

Is it mandatory to pay VAT?

Exceptions to VAT are only by law, and the Tax Authority publishes these. There is a possibility for business owners to claim back their VAT payments, provided they have registered for VAT and meet the requirements. For further details, please visit https://tms.taxoman.gov.om/portal/web/taxportal/vat-tax

I am a business owner. I have registered with the Oman Tax authority and have received my certificate and VAT registration no. Do I need to share this with Omantel?

Yes, once you receive your Tax registration no (VAT IN No) you are required to send it to us. This is important for us to update your account details and ensure that your VAT IN no is reflected in your monthly invoice. Currently this VAT registration no can be shared with your dedicated relationship/account manager. We are currently in the process of providing this information on the self-care platform through which the customers can update their information on their own, which will facilitate automatic updating on our systems. We will post these detail in this section as soon as this ready. As a customer, you need to provide your VAT registration certificate along with your commercial registration certificate to the account manager for proper updating of details in the system.

I am a prepaid customer. How will VAT affect me?

In line with Government mandate, starting 16 April 2021, VAT at 5% will be added when you purchase a new SIM card, and on our tariffs and rates when you use your prepaid credit. VAT does not apply on donations and charitable SMSes, certain third party content purchases, deposits, Mobile credit transfer, International credit transfer.

Do I need to pay VAT if I recharge my prepaid line through a recharge card, Omantel App, My account on Omantel portal or Quick charge on the portal ?

No. VAT will apply only when you use your prepaid credit and is not applicable on how or where you recharge. On recharge customer will get the credit for the full amount displayed on the voucher.

What do you mean by using prepaid credit?

Prepaid credit can be used for subscribing to a Hayyak plans, Hayyak data only plans, Voice plan or Pay as you go (PAYG) usage. VAT is charged at the time of subscribing to these products.