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Baqati Plans

Are there any charges if I decide to terminate my Baqati plan with a contract?

Note: All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.
Yes. You will be charged as per the tables illustrated below.
12 Months
1 - 4 Months Termination Slab 5-10 Months Termination Slab 11-12 Months Termination Slab
Ro20 RO36 RO12
18 Months
1 - 6 Months Termination Slab 7-15 Months Termination Slab 16-18 Months Termination Slab
RO25 RO49 RO13

Can I carry over un-utilized minutes from the Baqati Extra voice plans to next month?

No, it’s not applicable.

How can I avail the new Baqati plan?

You can subscribe to baqati plans from Omantel's app. you can download the app from here

How many times can I Opt in for Baqati Extra bundles?

The available voice bundles e.g. on-net bundle minutes, National bundle minutes or international bundle can be taken 3 times in a month. Baqati Extra plans are non-prorated.

I have a Mada plan how can I avail Baqati?

You can request for a new Baqati plan either through our Omantel Outlets and/or through SMS. Simply send an SMS to “90087” and enter keyword “B” and follow the menu.

If I choose one of the Baqati Extra voice plans which one would be a priority? Baqati Extra or national minutes in the Baqati bundles?

The priority will be given to Baqati Extra voice and then Baqati plan bundle minutes.

If I have availed a free weekend data 12 or 18 month contract can i downgrade my Baqati plan?

Note: All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.

Yes. You can downgrade your plan however you will be charged a one time fee of RO 8.875 which will be added in your next month bill.

If i upgrade from lower Baqati to higher plans, will the baqati extra be carried forward?


What are the benefits and charges for Baqati Weekend Commitment?

With our new Baqati plans, you will get FREE DATA in the weekends only if you opt in for a 12 or 18 month contract. With 12 months 100% free data as per the subscribed plans will be provided for free and 200% will be provided with an 18 month contract. The Free Weekend Data benefit is free.

What if I want to upgrade or downgrade the existing Mada plans?

You can still utilize your existing Mada plans, however you cannot upgrade or downgrade your existing Mada plan. You can switch from Mada to Baqati. Switching back to Baqati is not applicable

What is Baqati Extra?

Baqati Extra is an a-la-carte menu which gives you the flexibility to personalize your own plans or apply it as an add-on to your existing Baqati bundle. All Baqati Extra plans are auto-renewal.

What is Baqati?

Baqati is Omantels new Postpaid portfolio designed for you, giving you the choice to personalize your plans either by availing our new bundles which offers free local minutes, free mobile internet, free national SMS and attractive international discounts. You will also have a choice of personalizing your own plans through our one of a kind al-a-carte options “Baqati Extra”. Baqati Plans

What is the billing cycle?

The billing cycle will remain the same as per the existing billing cycle for Mada plans.