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What is Voice over LTE (VoLTE) from Omantel?

VoLTE delivers high-quality voice calls across the Omantel 4G LTE network through Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology. With VoLTE you’ll experience high-definition voice, faster call setup time and the ability to talk & surf at the same time.

How much dose VoLTE calls cost?

There is no additional charge for using VoLTE calls. VoLTE Voice calls are billed as standard voice minutes, according to your plan.

How do I make a VoLTE voice call?

Both you and the person you are calling should:

  • Be using VoLTE-capable phone.
  • Have the VoLTE feature enabled.
  • Be connected to the Omantel 4G LTE network

Will I consume more Battery when I use VoLTE calls?

No, the battery consumption will be like using a normal call.

Will I consume data when I use VoLTE calls?

No data will be consumed during VoLTE voice calling.

Will the SIM card from my current device work with a new VoLTE-capable phone?

You should be able to continue using your SIM card.

Is VoLTE service available all around the Sultanate?

Currently it is available in Muscat regions only.

Can I use VoLTE internationally?

At this time, VoLTE from Omantel is not available internationally.