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Maritime Roaming

Can I receive incoming calls?

Yes, you will be reachable from anywhere within the international telecommunication network.

Can a call be placed to anywhere in the world?

Yes, provided you have a GSM dual band (900/1800 MHz) or GSM single band (1800 MHz) mobile.

Which service can I use?

Voice and SMS at the present.


Can I enjoy my additional services while roaming?

Yes you can. 

How can I activate roaming service?

1- Contact any nearest Omantel Mobile Counter to activate the service or call 1234 to check if the service available for you.

2- While you are outside Oman and not getting the network connection you can activate by following steps:
-Go to menu>settings
-Go to phone settings
-Choose network selection and change it to manual search
-Choose roaming partner network
-Press  OK

How can I know the countries where Omantel roaming works?

Kindly visit our website www.omantel.om

How can I make calls outside Oman?

For local calls within visited network using normal dialing, just dial the area code plus the desired subscriber number. For a call to Oman, dial +968 plus the subscriber number (mobile or fix).

How is the tariff charged for calling and SMS while roaming?

It’s different between each country and each operator. Kindly visit www.omantel.om

How many country we have roaming with and how many operators using 4G?

This the latest update in June 2016

S/N Service Type Month Number of Country Number of Operator
1 Voice ( Postpaid) June-16 203 691  
2 Voice ( Prepaid) June-16 98 286  
3 Data Roaming ( GPRS) June-16 192 625  
4 LTE/4G Roaming June-16 49 112  

Kindly visit our website www.omantel.om for more details.

Is there any charges to activate roaming service?

No it’s free of charge.

What can I do if my mobile or SIM stolen while roaming?

Directly contact Omantel Customer Care (+9685001234) to temporary deactivate your subscription.

What is Omantel Mobile International roaming service?

It is Omantel Mobile GSM subscription service outside Oman.

What is the procedures to activate roaming for Hayyak subscribers?

By default all Hayyak subscribers have the roaming service activated.