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Convert Makasib Points into Sindbad Miles!

Makasib members who are enrolled in the Sindbad program can now exchange their Makasib points for Sindbad miles and get their Flight Rewards, Upgrades or Muscat Duty Free products even faster.

Exchanging your Makasib points for Sindbad miles is easy. You can do this from your phone via Omantel App.
  1. First, you will need to register your Sindbad ID. Follow these steps:
    • • Log in to Omantel Application
    • • Select My Makasib
    • • Scroll down and select Oman Air
    • • Add your Sindbad ID (first-time users only)

  2. After registering your ID for converting your Makasib points to Sindbad Miles, choose the Oman Air option from Omantel App, and select from the list of catalogs.
Makasib Points Sindbad Miles
4000 500
6000 1000
9000 1500
12000 2500
18000 4000
30000 7500

Terms and Conditions

Don't have any doubts. Check our terms and condition, right now.

Read our full Terms & Conditions here

  • Any residential Oman Air Sindbad member having an Omantel connection can register to Makasib. When registering Sindbad with Makasib, please make sure that you provide your correct Sindbad number.
  • Your name on the Sindbad card must match with that given in your Makasib membership account.
  • To ensure Sindbad miles are credited to your Sindbad account, Makasib subscribers should provide the correct name and Sindbad number during the registration process.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for your Makasib points to be exchanged for Sindbad miles and transferred to your Sindbad account.
  • For complete terms and condition regarding OmanAir SINDBAD miles with Makasib program, please refer to the link.