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The Ethernet service from Omantel provides you with the capability of connecting your sites into a single fast, secure and flexible network allowing you to extend your work network across various business divisions and share data across multiple, distinct, physically distributed locations.

Connectivity Types

Service Type Service Definitions
E-Line Ethernet Private Line
Provides a point-to-point Ethernet virtual connection (EVC) between a pair of dedicated user–network interfaces (UNIs), with a high degree of transparency
Ethernet Private Virtual Line

provides a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connection between a pair of UNIs allows for service multiplexing, i.e., multiple EVCs or Ethernet services per UNI


Service Type Installation(OMR) Monthly Recurring Charge(OMR)
E-Line EPL 5 10
E-Line EVPL 5 10

Ethernet Service Bandwidth

Bandwidth Installation(OMR) Monthly Recurring Charge (OMR)
512 Kbps 105 359
1 Mbps 115 489
2 Mbps 125 649
4 Mbps 125 829
8 Mbps 125 1,019
16 Mbps 125 1,279

How To Apply?

Documents Required:

  • A signed and stamped guarantee letter from the establishment undertaking to settle all bills related to the service. (This should be on the official original company letterheads and NOT on a photocopy or a computer printout). Service requested should be stated clearly on the letter. Applications will be rejected in case of non-compliance.
  • The original establishment's Commercial Registration Certificate should be submitted along with the application and a copy should be attached.
  • The original establishment's Authorized Signatures is to be verified and a copy should be attached (printout).
  • The original PRO's ID and Labour Card to be verified and a copy should be attached.
  • A letter of authorization from the establishment to the PRO is to be attached.  Company's seal is essential.

For more information about Ethernet, Call 1235 or email us at business@omantel.om