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17 Aug 2023

Omantel brings people together in Khareef Dhofar with joyful activities and initiatives

As part of its corporate social responsibility, several workshops and activities were conducted towards the local community

As part of its corporate social responsibility, several workshops and activities were conducted towards the local community

Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate of Oman, participates in Khareef Dhofar (monsoon season) with several community initiatives and activities as part of its strategy for corporate social responsibility. These initiatives are aimed at engaging with the local community and visitors in the region and contributing to the promotion of sustainability programs for all segments of society in the Sultanate of Oman.

Omantel's initiatives for this year are part of the "To Dhofar" campaign launched by the company to showcase its presence in the region as a technology sponsor, along with other corporate social responsibility initiatives. These initiatives include involving individuals with visual impairments, orphans, and children with Down syndrome in collaboration with associations representing these groups in Dhofar in various interactive activities. Additionally, Omantel focuses on environmental programs, participating in volunteer efforts for awareness-raising, tree planting, and nature care in collaboration with various community groups.

 As part of Omantel’s corporate social responsibility strategy, we are focusing on engaging people with special needs within the community and developing their technology skills.   Therefore, Omantel has organized a training course for individuals with visual impairments in partnership with Al Noor Association for the Blind in  Dhofar. The program aimed to enhance digital literacy for this group and enable them to benefit from technology through specialized training program on the use of  smartphones. The participants received iPhones which are equipped with built-in applications and programs tailored for the visually impaired. The program focused on three main areas: familiarization with smart devices and their features for the visually impaired, adjusting individual settings, and training on writing, editing, copying, and pasting text on iPhones.

Furthermore, Omantel's corporate social responsibility team organized a workshop on robots and technology for children in collaboration with Bahja Omani Association for Orphans and Kidsity Oman Company. The workshop aimed to involve orphaned children in various initiatives to make them feel part of the community and enhance their technological knowledge. The children learned about robotics, its components, building and programming their robots, as well as various sensors and their functions. The workshop also focused on developing problem-solving skills through algorithm development and implementation.

Through these programs, Omantel aims to enhance the skills of participants in using the latest digital technologies to assist them in their daily lives. The company also seeks to enable the visually impaired and orphans to communicate and integrate into the digital community, encouraging people with special needs to engage with high-quality technologies in various fields.

In support of the environment in Dhofar, Omantel participated in a cleaning campaign involving children with Down syndrome in collaboration with Al Wafa Social Center, and Luban Land Volunteering Team. The campaign aimed to promote environmental awareness and reduce littering and vandalism in the region. This annual commitment towards the environment in Dhofar is part of Omantel's sustainability strategy, reflecting the company's leading role in telecommunications and technology in the Sultanate of Oman.

As part of Omantel’s environment initiatives, the company organized a tree planting initiative  in collaboration with Luban Land Volunteering Team  to engage orphaned children from the Bahja Omani Association for Orphans in planting  a number of trees to enhance the love for nature and the environment among young children and raise awareness about the positive impact of tree  on the environment and our health.

It is worth mentioning that Omantel launched its marketing campaign "To Dhofar" to strengthen the efforts made by the Dhofar Municipality during the Khareef season, providing entertainment and accompanying activities for the public.