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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏


Reference Access and Interconnection Offer

The Reference Access and Interconnection Offer (RAIO) deals with Access and Interconnection Services offered by Omantel to the licensed Operators in the Sultanate. 

الملف تحميل
Main Agreement
Annex A_Entire Agreement
Annex B_Billing and Payment
Annex L_Definitions
Call Termination Requirement
Sub Annex C-FA 04_Co-location
Sub Annex C-FI 02_Call Origination - Fixed Call by Call Selection (CCS)
Sub Annex C-FI 03_Call Origination - Fixed Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS)
Sub Annex C-FI 04_Call Origination for Non-Geographic Calls
Sub Annex C-FI 05_Outgoing International Calls
Sub Annex C-FI 06_Calls to Special Fixed Services
Sub Annex C-FI 07_Pre-Paid Calling Cards Access Type 1
Sub Annex C-FI 08_Pre-Paid Calling Cards Access Type 2
Sub Annex C-FI 09_Fixed Call Termination Service
Sub Annex C-MI 02_Mobile Termination Services
Sub Annex C-MI 03_Mobile Call Origination (Call-by-Call)
Sub Annex C-MI 04_Mobile Call Origination (Carrier pre-selection)