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Omantel 4G roadshow receives 15,000 visitors over two months

Omantel, the first provider of integrated telecommunications services in the Sultanate, successfully concluded its 4G-roadshow which spanned over two months reaching various regions across the Sultanate.

The roadshow titled ‘We are wherever you are’ began in Khasab and Dibba – where Omantel witnessed significant success in spreading awareness about its leadership position in the provision of 4G technology. Omantel demonstrated its leadership in 4G technology in the Sultanate through several fun activities for children and family.

The 4G roadshow received over 15,000 visitors from 13 different Wilayats such as Khasab, Dibba, Al-Buraimi, Al-Suwaiq, Sohar, Manah, Ibri, Sur, Ibra, Masirah Island, Duqum, Salalah and Marbat across the Sultanate’s  region. Omantel also provided fans with live streaming of the activities, which were viewed by over 200,000 followers on the brand’s social media platforms using the hashtag ‘faster with the widest network’.

During the span of the two months, customers were given the opportunity to attend various recreational activities and events targeting different age groups where the strength of Omantel’s 4G network was demonstrated, and individuals had the chance to win numerous gifts and prizes.

Oman is the third country in the Arab world to launch 4G networks, and Omantel has played a tremendous role in positioning the Sultanate among the top 20 countries with the fastest 4G networks in the world, and the second fastest in the Arab world, according to the Open Signal report published in 2016. Omantel’s 4G network also covers a number of exclusive cities and regions like Sur and Buraimi , amongst several others.

“We are extremely thankful to Omantel for organising interactive games and activities at their roadshows in order to demonstrate the quality of their 4G networks – it has been a fun and enriching experience to get a better understanding of how 4G networks in the Sultanate work,” said Ahmed Al Namaani.
“These roadshows are extremely beneficial for the community in Oman, as not only do they demonstrate the brand’s service, but they also bring together people from all cultures and backgrounds in an entertaining and informative platform,” said Mansour Said Al Badi.
“Omantel has continuously surpassed our expectations, and continues to surprise us with their innovative thinking and brand strategy. This campaign has proved to be extremely beneficial for the average consumer as it provides us with a better idea of 4G networks in an entertaining way that is easy to understand,” said Jamal Al Mamari.
Omantel’s 4G network currently covers more than 86 per cent of inhabited areas in the Sultanate; far ahead of the global average of approximately 48 per cent, according to statistics from the World Association for Mobile Communications.
Mohammed Hassan Al Lawati, Manager, Events Department at Omantel said: “The ‘we are wherever you are’ roadshow has witnessed immense success and buy-in from our customers. We are honoured to have been able to demonstrate our brand leadership in 4G networks in ways that are entertaining yet educative for the general public. We are committed to providing our customers with unrivaled experiences, developing our reach further and positioning Oman on the world’s fastest 4G technology map.”