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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏

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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏


Omantel partners with Red Bull to grow the gaming scene

Omantel, the first provider of integrated telecommunications services in the Sultanate, has recently partnered with Red Bull in ‘Red Bull Tetramerous’, an event aimed at further growing the gaming scene locally. 

Omantel’s partnership in the event comes in line with its strategy to continuously empower youth and embrace their skills and talents, as the company is not merely a trusted national telecom company, but also an institution which embraces the people of Oman who are driving the change with hard work and determination. 

Mohammed Al Lawati, Events Manager at Omantel said, “We are a company from Oman and for Oman. Empowering the national manpower is a cornerstone of our values as we believe that Omanis are the most valuable asset to the country.” 
He added, “This event is only one of many that Omantel has sponsored to support Omani youth. As youngsters make up a large part of Oman’s population, we deem it necessary to give them hands to flourish. By supporting every Omani, we will create a promising future for those who call Oman home.” 

‘Red Bull Tetramerous’ is a new gaming platform, born from gamers in Oman in the hopes of further growing the gaming scene locally. It is based on the multiplayer game League of Legends, with 4x4 format.

Through its latest campaign ‘Amazing Happens Together’, Omantel aims to evoke positive emotions and touch people’s lives by reminding them of the importance of everyday human connections; as every decision is easy, ever action is effortless and every destination is within reach when Omantel connects and enriches the lives of its customers. The company always strives to launch attractive promotions giving its customers unmatched experience.

As demand for mobile and fixed broadband services continues to rise across the Sultanate, Omantel is investing heavily in network expansion and modernisation. Guided by the Omantel 3.0 transformation strategy, the company continues to innovate, streamline, and revolutionise its digital smart home and business services. Positioned as the digital partner of choice, in the consumer arena as well as for public and private sector businesses, Omantel is enabling the digital society to flourish and grow across all sectors in the Sultanate.