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Omantel launches promotion on the 800 Toll- Free number

Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecommunications solutions in the Sultanate, launched a promotion for Toll Free service - a service which gives organizations the opportunity to offer their clients easy, free of charge calling option to market their services and products and offer post-sales support.

Eng. Ahmed Ali Al Ojaili, Manager Connectivity Solutions at the Corporate Business Unit, said: “Toll Free service ensures easy communication between our corporate clients and their customers through a toll free number that starts with 800-7 followed by four digits to be selected by the owner of the organization. This number will become part of the corporate identity in its communication with customers'.

'In a bid by Omantel to add value to the service, Omantel launched a new promotion that provides the existing customers with up to 12% discount for three months on monthly bills , up to 50,000 free Bulk/Mass SMS, depending on the monthly consumption', he added.

"New customers will get three month free subscription and up to 25,000 free Bulk/Mass SMS during the promotion period , regardless of the monthly consumption rate' . Omantel exclusively offers Toll Free Service as part of a range of services and solutions provided by Omantel to meet the different needs of its corporate customers. The Toll Free Service ensures easy and efficient communication with customers, which in turn enhances customer's experiences.

Omantel Business is the dedicated Unit providing advanced tailored solutions to meet the needs of corporate and government customers. Our solutions include a full suite of telecom and hosting services, to connect your business to your customers and partners globally as well as locally. The solutions leverage a state of the art networks and systems. Omantel’s MPLS service has received an ISO certification. Omantel serves the corporate customers through a team of specialized Account Managers. For more information please visit, or send an email or call 24242888.