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Omantel organizes its third Ramadan Cricket Tournament 2014 as a partner with the Pakistan Social Club

As an acknowledgement to its support towards the sport activities and its soft image for the welfare of different communities in the Sultanate, Omantel is partnering for the fifth time with the Pakistani Community club in organizing Omantel Cup Ramadan Cricket Tournament which has started on June 29th 2014 and will run throughout the holy month. The event features in three different locations, Muscat, Salalah and Sohar simultaneously. The event also features more than 100 teams from different nationalities suck as Pakistani, Indian, Siri Lankan, Bangladeshi as well as Omanis. The tournament was opened under the patronage of Sohail Qadir VP Wholesale Omantel and Mr. Ayaz Hussain Ambassador of Pakistan.

Commenting on this partnership, Mohammed Hassan Al Lawati Manager Events at Omantel: "the Pakistan Social Club and Omantel maintain a very good relation for many years. This is the fifth time that we are partnering together to sponsor one of the most popular a month event. Beside of supporting the local sport events, Omantel also support other communities’ sports as they are considered to be the right platform to support and interact with thousands of our customers in different nationalities. Cricket is a very well-known and popular sport among Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan and other communities and the popularity of this sport is growing among other nationalities too. Not only that, but the tournament is also a medium to enhance awareness of the importance of health in the holy month"

Furthermore, Al Lawati has also indicated that Omantel is sponsoring this mega event as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting major events in Oman that help the company get closer to its customers embodying the company's tagline "together".