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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏



Messaging Hub and Firewall

The hub is designed to provide a single point of access, ensure that messages are handled securely, deliver high-quality services, interconnect seamlessly and use resources effectively to send or receive SMS. It also offers a wide range of traffic handling options tailored to meet the regulatory requirements as well as operators’ messaging needs.


Quality of service

The hub offers carrier grade quality of service with near zero downtime due to geo redundancy.

Global MNP database

Enables customers to access real time global MNP database.

Telco grade availability

Telco grade (N+1) availability to ensure no service interruptions.

Variety of built-in features such as:

  • Separate module for campaign management.
  • Virtual/in-premise firewall solution (comprehensive protection of all SMS traffic transiting the hub, including spam SMS elimination, content filtering, detection and blocking of A2P SMS using P2P routes and vice-versa).
  • Global MNP dip feature to ensure accurate and secure routing of messages to the correct network.
  • Covers a wide range of protocols, which enable you to easily integrate existing nodes.
  • Supports SS7, SIGTRAN and SMPP connectivity options.

Customer care

A dedicated online portal dashboard for sending marketing campaigns, reporting and monitoring.

DND feature

Supports the DND feature from customer dump, short code for aggregators and opt-out link from the hub.