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Content Connect

Content Connect

We offer ultra-low latency connectivity to some of the largest content networks and hyperscalers that are hosted at our data centers in Oman. This enhances the quality of internet experience through faster access to content and better uptimes.


High data threshold at affordable costs

CDNs enable higher traffic flow, yet the costs are lower due to reduced international backhaul requirements.

Low latency and packet loss

Since the key CDNs and hyperscalers are hosted in Oman, the content is closer to end users, resulting in faster access to internet, less jitter and improved stream quality.

High availability of content

Content remains seamlessly accessible to end users under high-stress situations such as excessive user traffic, intermittent spikes, and potential server outages.

Reliable delivery of content

CDNs ensure consistent delivery of high resolution content with a larger number of simultaneous users.

Guaranteed performance

Stringent SLAs covering delivery and availability.

Customer care

Dedicated service management with highly skilled engineers monitoring the network 24/7 all year round.