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Omantel delivers rapidly scalable IP services that have been developed to accelerate your growth.


We give you a foundation for delivering IP-based services on a global scale and delivering new value-added services.

Our IP services give you more reliability, availability, and agility. We help you deliver secure IP services supported with Points of Presence (PoP) spanning the globe. With IP services you can trust, you can maximize your revenue, optimize your costs and target new markets.

Combined with our investment in infrastructure, our IP services give you a comprehensive solution serving global demand for internet. We help you connect and grow IP-based services around the world with minimal risk and maximum flexibility.

When you choose us for IP services, you gain a trusted partner that can help you grow your internet business.


IP Transit

IP Transit

Providing internet transit of the highest grade through our global PoPs deployed strategically at major hubs.

Content Connect

Content Connect

We offer low latency connectivity to some of the largest content networks that are hosted at our data centers.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Our DIA service provides you with dedicated connectivity to the domestic and global internet.


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