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Submarine and Terrestrial Cables

Submarine and Terrestrial Cables

Omantel has made huge investments in multiple and diverse subsea cables across the globe geared towards supporting the growth and development of our partners and achieving our goal of a healthy global wholesale market with solutions that accelerate connectivity and the success of our partners.


Strategic geographic location

Oman enjoys a special geographic location at the center of the submarine map connecting the East and the West to the GCC and the neighboring countries making it the natural gateway to the Middle-East.

Global infrastructure with regional dominance

Connectivity to more than 20 subsea cable systems ensure that our services are as diverse, reliable as possible and provide faster restoration options in case of failure.

Expertise in operating the submarine cables

Our experience of managing and operating six landing stations helps us deliver the best connectivity solutions to our customers.

Stable, neutral and open environment

Stability and neutrality of Oman coupled with an open business environment makes us best choice to partner for subsea related services.

Customer care

Dedicated service management with highly skilled engineers monitoring the network 24x7x365.