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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏




We offer space, power and other relevant indoor and outdoor services across Oman. The Indoor Co-location provides services inside our exchanges and premises, while the Outdoor Co-location is provided at our tower or on top of our buildings for you to install your equipment on our passive infrastructure.


Access to the most remote locations

We have the largest number of exchanges and towers in Oman connected through redundant fiber links to help you reach your end customers easily.

Reliable and redundant network

We have multiple nearby exchanges that support you to offer highly reliable and protected access paths to end locations, including the remote ones.

Best performance and uptime

Most of our locations offer space, power and the best uptime - even in the most remote spots.

Services include:

  • Co-location (space and power)
  • UPS backup
  • Hands and eyes

Hassle-free relationship

Enjoy a single point of contact for all your orders for a hassle-free experience.

Customer care

Dedicated service management with highly skilled engineers monitoring the network 24/7 all year round.