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‏برنامج مشاهدة محتويات الانترنت‏


International Private Leased Circuit

International Private Leased Circuit

We offer a fully secure, dedicated and reliable point-to-point private leased circuit over our fully meshed transmission network and our partners’ global footprint, from Oman to anywhere in the world. We can also provide a fully protected and managed solution that is monitored and supported by our iNOC.


Secure, dedicated and reliable

Circuits are not affected by congestion, unlike shared public networks, so communication is always secure and reliable.

Low latency

Low-latency transmissions enable video and teleconferencing as well as other applications that require real-time communications.

Global coverage connecting Oman

Connects over 50 countries through our mesh of subsea cables and seamlessly integrating with the largest network in Oman.

Flexible options

Provides a range of bandwidth, different access types and various interfaces.

Guaranteed performance

Stringent SLAs covering delivery and availability.

Customer care

Dedicated service management with highly skilled engineers monitoring the network 24/7 all year round.