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Our ultra-low latency networking that enables our partners to connect and grow their businesses globally


Our connectivity services fully leverage our unique centralized geographic location. Our access to subsea cable capacity makes us one of the most connected wholesale businesses, not just in our region but in the world.

Our reachability to 120+ global cities linked to terrestrial networks in local markets and enable you to deliver local access on a global scale. Our extensive European network connects all of Europe’s economic and communications hubs. We can extend your reach and make connecting Asia, the Middle East and Africa to Europe simple and efficient. Our home market of Oman supports terrestrial connectivity across the Middle East with cross-border links connecting the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Our mix of subsea cables and terrestrial networks makes it easy for you to connect locally, regionally and globally.

We offer the ultra-low latency to destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and across the Middle East to connect and optimize your applications and services.


Dedicated Capacity

Dedicated Capacity

A dedicated point-to-point private circuit over our global network connecting you to 50+ countries globally.



The best-in-class layer 2 service that enables carriers to extend LANs securely and effortlessly across the world.



A secure, scalable and reliable private network solution over our highly resilient global MPLS network.



A point-to-point private leased circuit over our meshed transmission network and partners’ global footprint, from Oman to anywhere in the world.


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