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Bilateral Traffic

Bilateral Traffic

We interconnect with over 100 operators directly and another 40+ Tier 1 carriers/aggregators. This extensive coverage enables us to offer global reach, high call quality and redundancy. We offer both TDM and SIP connectivity across our geo-redundant PoPs.


Multiple integrated connectivity options

Our international voice network services via various traditional capacities through TDM and SIP (IP public/private/IPX/IP-Sec).

Routing and network reliability

Unified routing system with geo redundancy/high availability and network-zero downtime structure - all managed by a comprehensive network management system.

Premium Quality

We ensure the highest standard of voice quality, including CLI delivery, Top ASR, MSRN routing and optimized bandwidth call control.

Coverage & Capacity

Our Voice PoPs can exchange over 200K sessions, with over 5000 interconnect trunks.

Variety of features

We offer features such as, HD voice, VOLTE, ISDN, KPI control and Antifraud solutions.

24/7 customer and technical support

Round the clock fully integrated customer and technical iNOC with advanced monitoring systems and a proactive trouble tickets system.