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25 Oct 2021

Omantel first to launch 5G international roaming in Oman

With the 5G mobile service, Omantel’s customers will be able to enjoy high speed and seamless connectivity while abroad

With the 5G mobile service, Omantel’s customers will be able to enjoy high speed and seamless connectivity while abroad

Muscat- March 25th, 2021- Omantel once again has pushed the boundaries of telecommunications technology access after the recent successful launch of the mobile 5G services.

The leading and most innovative integrated telecom services provider in Oman announced the introduction of 5G international roaming, offering its customers a convenient and seamless experience to enjoy high speed data services while travelling abroad. As part of the initial phase in its push towards secure, consistent, and fast global 5G connectivity, Omantel has made this international roaming facility available in the GCC through regional partners, becoming the only mobile network operator in Oman to offer 5G international roaming. Omantel is working with its vast list of regional and global partners to announce more 5G international roaming destinations in the coming few weeks.

The launch underscores Omantel’s drive towards customer satisfaction and its leadership of the telecom sector in the Sultanate, providing cutting edge ICT solutions besides further affirming its national, regional and international leading role in telecom infrastructure and service capabilities, which are a major differentiator in Oman’s current competitive market.

As 5G gains a more important role in how individuals, businesses and economies function, comprehensive solutions suite from Omantel will continue to meet subscribers’ current and future needs as it has already proved by making the technology an integral part of its offerings.   

Awatif Al Mandhari, Manager of Roaming Services at the Wholesale Business Unit of Omantel, said “When we talk about 5G, Omantel is on the fast track. The company has proved its agility in bringing the best global telecom solutions to the people of Oman. After being the first mobile network provider to launch 5G for mobile devices, Omantel is now taking its reach beyond the borders. The service will be beneficial for individuals and business travellers who need fast access to information and data on the go. At Omantel, we always keep our customers’ convenience as our end-goal to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and best possible experience when enjoying our services.”

The 5G international roaming service introduction enforces Omantel’s position as a key player in Oman’s telecom sector, staying ahead of the game through foresight and investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure. The launch is the latest in a series of achievements by Omantel in adapting future technologies and further solidifying Oman’s image as the region’s ICT gateway. Besides 5G, Omantel is already offering an impressively wide international roaming coverage, reaching to more than 700 roaming partners in more than 200 countries. Being capable of offering such advanced services to its customers has always contributed in positioning Omantel as a telecom pioneer in the region and beyond.        

It is worth noting that Omantel’s mobile network has been recently rated as the fastest in Oman by Ookla, a neutral online platform dedicated to measuring the performance of broadband networks around the world. This achievement yet another acknowledgement of the excellence Omantel has shown through innovative technologies and smart solutions.

Omantel is the Sultanate’s first and leading integrated telecommunications services provider, enabling the digital society to flourish, allowing new ways of doing business and delivering a world of information, news and entertainment. While striving to ensure optimum customer satisfaction, Omantel plays a key social role to provide the required support and subsidy to all sectors of the Omani society.