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About Us



With six redundant landing stations and four terrestrial networks connected via border crossings Oman is uniquely positioned to be a hub for global connectivity. Located facing the Arabian sea at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman sits at the nexus of East, West, North and South.

Omantel Wholesale has combined Oman`s history of stability, neutrality, and openness with the lowest latency networking to ensure its partners` applications and services are supported with the best possible network infrastructure.

Omantel Wholesale makes it simpler and easier for its partners to deliver applications and services around the world with the best quality, reliability, and performance.


Our Mission

Delivering robust and reliable telecommunication services to our customers even in the most challenging markets in the world and meeting with their expectations with providing the best customer satisfaction experience.

Our Vision

Finding The Simplest Ways to Accelerate Your Connectivity

  • We use our strategic geographic position as a foundation for our strategy
  • Five years ago we took aim on becoming a regional hub for international carriers and content providers and connecting the East with the West
  • Omantel is not only the hub for the Middle East but also the bridge to other regions7

Our Values


Our Business


Our Long-Term Vision

We are continuing to invest in global infrastructure to build on our geographic advantage and support customers with unmatched network performance and ultra low-latency networking. We are only at the very beginning of what Omantel International can do for partners and we are focused on supporting their growth today and in the long-term.