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Our IP services give you more reliability, availability and agility. Omantel helps you to deliver secure IP services supported with Points of Presence spanning the globe. With IP services you can trust, you can maximise your revenue, lower your costs and target new markets.

Combined with our investment in infrastructure, our IP services give you a comprehensive solution serving global demand for IP. We help you connect and grow IP-based services around the world with minimal risk and maximum flexibility.

When you choose Omantel for IP services, you gain a trusted partner that can help you to grow your IP business.


Why Choose Omantel International?

  • We provide a hub for the Middle East as well as access to the fastest growing markets around the world
  • Oman’s unique geographic location makes it one of the most connected places on earth
  • Oman’s stability, neutrality and openness combined with ultra low-latency networking ensure services are supported with the best possible network infrastructure
  • Omantel makes it simpler and easier for our partners to deliver applications and services around the world with greater quality, reliability and performance