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Keep up with your children's performance at school with Madrasati.

Track your child's attendance, academics, and disciplinary measures.

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How to subscribe


How to unsubscribe

Service/ Feature Command Example
To subscribe to the service Send SUB <space><Parent Civil ID> to 90390 SUB 123456
To cancel subscription   Send DEL <space><Parent Civil ID> to 90390 DEL 123456
Level of attendance (Pending/ Present/ Absent)* Send A <space><Student No.> to 90390 A 00012007001
Requesting user name & password for educational portal* Send U <space><Parent Civil ID> to 90390 U 123456
Requesting students grade results* Send G <space><student ID> to 90390 G 123123
Requesting students ID list* Send L <space><Parent Civil ID> to 90390 L 123456
Requesting students class* Send C <space><Student No.> to 90390 C 123456
Requesting students elective modules* Send E <space><Student No.> to 90390 E 123456
Requesting students activities* Send N <space><Student No.> to 90390 N 123456
For help Send <HELP> to 90390 HELP