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Baqati 5G Data only plans

Baqati 5G Data only plans, your gateway to unrivaled Internet experience!


Package name 5G Data only plan 35 5G Data only plan 45
Monthly subscription 35 OMR 45 OMR
Data allowance 24M - Contract 150 GB 250 GB


How to subscribe


Also you can activate it in mobile app

Terms & Conditions:

  • * BAQATI 5G data only plans are not an add-on
  • * They are completely new postpaid plans
  • * To activate, visit your nearest Omantel outlet and sign a 24-month contract
  • * BAQATI data only plans provide data allowance only. Outgoing / incoming calls, sending SMS and other services are barred
  • * Subscribers will get a free 5G router with this offer
  • * Subscribers will get a free 5G router with this offer
  • * In case subscribers consume the allocated data allowance, there will not be Pay As You Go (PAYG) charges
  • * Subscribers can view data usage through Omantel App. Customers can create an Omantel account at any time using the current creation process
  • * Existing subscribers of Baqati Data only plans (15 & 25 OMR) can upgrade to the new 5G plans through Omantel App and their nearest outlet
  • * In case the subscriber wishes to terminate the lineor downgrade the plan before the expiry of the contract, early exit fees shall apply.
Package name Calculation
BAQATI 5G data only 35 RO – 24m contract 2.9 RO * remaining months from the contract
BAQATI 5G data only 45 RO – 24m contract 3.8 RO * remaining months from the contract