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Admission Centre

Educational Services

Ministry of Higher Education Admission Centre is responsible for the admission of Omanis in institutes of higher education depending upon certain criteria which has to be fulfilled and as per the availability of seats. The following services are provided in cooperation with the Ministry admission centre.

Message Description The Message Message Code
Help H H
Information I I
Get HEAC Number GH xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx GH
Personal Information PI xxxxxxxxx PI
Add Social security number AS xxxxxxx xxxxx AS
View Social Sec S xxxxxxxxxxxx S
Delete Social Sec DS xxxxxxxxxxxx DS
Add Low income AL xxxxxxxxxxxx AL
Add Low income AL xxxxxxxxxxxx AL
View Low income VL xxxxxxxxxxxx VL
Delete Low income DL xxxxxxxxxxxx DL
Change GSM number CG xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx CG
Register Programs RP xxxxxxx xxxxx,xxxxx,xxxxx RP
Insert Programs IP xxxxxxx xxxxx #2 IP
Delete Programs DP xxxxxxx xxxxx DP
Change Programs CP xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx CP
Registration number R xxxxxxxxxxxx R
Programs P xxxxxxxxxxxx P
Social security status VS xxxxxxxxxxxx VS
Grades G xxxxxxxxxxxx G
Offered program O xxxxxxxxxxxx O
Accept offer A xxxxxxxxxxxx A
Criteria C xxxxxxxxxxxx C

Send SMS to 90190. Subscription fee is 75Bz per message

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.