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mHealth Solutions - Guidance on Healthy Lifestyle | Omantel



Value Added Services

mHealth solutions uses mobiles to deliver health lifestyle guidance and continuous updates through customers’ handsets.

Subscribers to the service will receive messages containing basic health information and practical advice on a variety of important health topics.

Subscription Details

  • To subscribe: send “mhealth” or “empty message” to 91177
  • To unsubscribe: send “U” <space> "subscription command" to 91177

In order subscribe, send the subscription command to 91177 as following

  1. mHealth Channels:
    Channel Subscription Command
    Man wellbeing 12
    Women Wellbeing 13
    Child Wellbeing 14
    Diet and obesity 15
    Mental Health 17
    Diabetes 18
  2. Interactive Services:
    • Body Mass Index:
      Body Mass Index (BMI) is a relationship between weight and height that is associated with body fat and health risk, let us help you calculate it and provide the right advice.
      Send B and then leave a space and write Height/Weight/Age/Sex/Diabetes(Y/N) in the same order to 91177.
      Example: B 150/85/40/male/No and you will receive a message showing you the body mass index, and calories for you to take advantage of them to control weight.
    • Sugar level:

      To interpret the reading of the level of sugar in your blood please follow the below:

      • To interpret the reading level of fasting glucose: send F then space and then the result of fasting glucose to 91177
      • To interpret the reading level of sugar after a meal: Send P then space and then the result of sugar after a meal to 91177
  3. M-Consult:

    To take advantage of medical consultation service:
    Send C then leave a space and then write the question or medical advice required accompanied by the age of the patient and the drug used and the diseases that affect them and any other additional information should be learned and you will receive the answer within 72 hours from time of dispatch. Note: the reply may take more than 72 hours during weekends.

Tariff Details

  • mHealth channels: 800 Bz monthly
  • Interactive services: 100 Bz per request
  • mConsult: 300 Bz per request