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Take off with the widest 5G network from Musandam and Dhofar

Omantel 5G mobility

Omantel 5G Mobility offers higher speeds, reduced latency. Resulting in faster downloads, quicker website browsing, and a better streaming experience 5G service available without extra charges all you need is a 5G supported device & 5G covered area

Ultra High Speed
Instant response
High quality video
streaming time

5G on your mobile

Now with our postpaid (Baqati) & prepaid (Hayyak) plans enjoy the fifth and newest generation of mobile technology!


Compatible Devices

5G Supported Devices

To activate the service for iPhone 12:

1-Go to Setting>General> About    

2-You’ll receive a pop-up alert carrier setting update on your iPhone to enable 5G.

Check your device 5G activation:

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options> and then select 5G.
If you see this screen, your device has 5G activated, and the carrier version updated to is “OMANTEL 46.1”

If you don't see 5G in the status bar
  1. Make sure that you’re in an area with 5G coverage. Contact our call center if you're not sure.
  2. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options. If you see this screen, your device has 5G activated. If you don’t see this screen, contact your carrier to confirm that your plan supports 5G.
  3. Turn on Airplane Mode, then turn it off.
    If you still don't have 5G service, contact our call center.
  • If you want to use 5G with Dual SIM on iPhone 12 models, make sure that you have iOS 14.5 or later.
  • You can choose to always stream the highest quality content by going to Settings > Music > Cellular Data and turning on High Quality Streaming and Settings > TV > Cellular and tapping High Quality. These settings use more cellular data, and content might take longer to start playing.
  • If you turn on Low Power Mode, 5G is disabled except during video streaming. Low Power Mode also disables 5G Standalone (where available).

5G International Roaming

list of countries where 5G roaming facility is available:

Our roaming packs

To view our roaming packs Click here

Terms & Conditions:

  • Data usage can be checked using Omantel’s app.
  • Currently the 5G services is enabled with Huawei and Oppo smartphone.

How to subscribe

From Omantel APP, Select “Get our Services”, BAQATI data only 5G plans or visit nearest Omantel outlet.

Also you can activate it in mobile app


How can I connect to the 5G network on my phone?

You need to have a 5G enabled phone; an area that has 5G coverage then you will be able to connect to Omantel’s 5G network from your phone network settings.

What mobile phones can connect to the 5G network?

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 & S21+ also Ultra are compatible with 5G service, however you will receive a notification message asking to update the phone system or you can update the phone system through Settings> System update> Download and install for more info press her
  • For phone 12 Head to the Settings >Tap Cellular > Choose Cellular Data >Tap Voice & Data >Select 5G Auto as the default For more info press her 
  • Huawei and Oppo phones (models shown in the compatible devices section) also compatible by default & no need to do any setting adjustment from your mobile

How can I purchase the 5G data only plans?

You can purchase the 5G data only plans from the Omantel App under ‘get my services’ section or by visiting your nearest Omantel outlet.

Can I make calls from the 5G Data only Plans?

No, 5G Data only plans are dedicated plans for Internet data only.

How can I monitor my usage?

You need to register your number in the Omantel App to be able to monitor your usage.

Is there a contract on these plans?

No, these are non-contract plans; you can cancel anytime without paying any penalty.

What will be the early termination fees if I get the FREE Mobile Wi-Fi?

Early exit fees = (10RO) * Remaining contract period.