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How much does it cost to apply for this service?

It is free of charge for 1 month for every customer (one time only). After the free period, Anghami Premium will be charged at RO 0.399 per week.

On which phones will these Apps work?

Apps are supported on Android, iOS and Windows 8 phones.

How do I cancel my Anghami subscription?

To cancel Anghami premium, please send an SMS with the keyword "unsub" to 90004.

What does download mean for music in Premium?

With the Premium service, you can download songs to your device to listen to when you are offline – anywhere, anytime.


How do I apply for these Services?

Applying got these services is very easy! You can apply online through our website www.omantel.om or visit any Omantel shops near your area.

What is the difference between each service?

Every service has own benefit. Its depend on your favorite and request.

What type of entertainment services Omantel provide to the customers?

Omantel provide a lot of entertainment services to the customers such as (Omantel chat, Hala, SMS to TV, SMS to Radio, Taif directory pages, MMS channels, Video IVR, Asian Country Club, Omantel Games Club, Twitter SMS/MMS, Omantel football Portal)

Hala Services

What is Hala Service?

It’s a service allows you to get and to know the world around you by SMS you will have access to a wide variety of information including many categories of news channels, daily features and fun.

Omantel Chat

How can I make friends?

Very easy just send FF to 90222

How much every SMS cost?

For chatting every SMS will cost you 10Bz and for TV 300 Bz and more. 

What can I do with Omantel chat?

With Omantel chat you can do a lot. Like:

  • Find lots of new friends to chat, fight, cry and laugh across Oman
  • Add them to your contact list and exchange instant messages
  • Hop, read and post messages across the coolest chat rooms
  • Chat with your MSN Yahoo G talk messenger friends.


Omantel Football Portal

What is Omantel football portal?

Omantel Football Portal is a place where football fans will have a chance to check and share all information about World Cup and other major football leagues like (Premier League, Spanish League, Europe and Champions League).

Not only that!  Subscribers will also benefit from several contents, including live news, predictions, wallpapers, music and games.

How can I subscribe to this service?

There is two ways to subscribe

  1. Daily Subscription: Send “sub day” to 91202 for Bz 150
  2. Weekly Subscription: Send “sub week” to 91202 for Bz 750



How can I subscribe to SMS 2 TV?

It is simple, friendly and no subscription is needed. Just key in your text message with the code and send it across.