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Lana Package

Lana offers total communications solutions to Oman’s charities. If you run a charitable organization, Omantel want to help YOU continue your vital work in the community. Lana package includes a high speed Internet ADSL, 1 fixed line, 2 mobile lines with free calls within the organization and iMass Filter SMS package.

Services Tariff
Postpaid GSM Line with CPN (Voice)(one line) -
Prepaid GSM Line with CPN (Voice)(one line) -
IUnlimited ADSL 4 MB -
Land line (PSTN) with CPN (one line) -
Fax line -
Minute rate for Post-paid Lines out of CPN On-net 24 Bz
Minute rate for Post-paid Lines out of CPN Off-net 39 Bz
iMass Filter SMS 50,000
Monthly Rental 29 OMR


  • Combined CPN voice service for postpaid, prepaid & PSTN lines
  • All postpaid lines will enjoy a special minute's rate for out of CPN national calls
  • Possibility of adding additional postpaid & prepaid lines
  • Possibility of use Fax, PSTN & ADSL in the same line
  • 50.000 iMass Filter SMS

How to apply

  1. Print and fill out theLana Services Application letter (PDF) and send it back to us on
  2. Provide the Following:
    • A signed and sealed guarantee letter from the organization undertaking to settle all bills related to the service (This must be on the official original letterhead).
    • A letter of authorization from the organization to the PRO is to be attached.
    • Association proclamation resolution "To whom it may concern" certification from MoSD that states the association is operating

For more information call 1235 or email us at

Terms & Conditions

  • Customer must sign a one year contract to subscribe to LANA package.
  • Customer must pay monthly rental of 5.99 OMR for each additional postpaid GSM line.
  • Customer must pay monthly rental of 2.99 OMR for each additional prepaid GSM line.
  • Fixed line tariff will apply for the normal Calls and any additional line.
  • Prepaid CPN is Subject to a fair usage policy of 2000 minutes per month per user.
  • Prepaid line should be recharged each 5 months in order to avoid line termination
  • Standard PSTN rates will apply for additional PSTN lines.
  • The Mass SMS will be with Maximum of 2 filters.

This offer is limited only to Charitable Organizations that provides services to the community and are registered with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD).  The organization must supply all certificates proving registration status with MoSD

All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT. 5% VAT will be added to the price upon purchase.