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Toll Free Telephone

Omantel's Toll-Free Telephone service gives your organization the opportunity to offer your clients easy, free of charge telephone calling facilities. As a subscriber, you will get an 800-7+ 4 digit number (the 4 digit number shall be selected by the customer) which can be accessed by all callers at no personal cost. This makes it a valuable tool for marketing your company’s products or services to a wider audience.

Who can subscribe?

Banks, restaurants, hotels, tour operators, travel agents, marketing and advertising companies, courier services, retailers, diplomatic missions and various service providers can apply for this service. In short, any business that wishes to maintain or develop close ties with its customers.

Features and benefits

  1. Single Number:
    • Enables Organizations to publish a single national number and then route incoming calls to different destinations.
  2. Reverse Charging:
    • Toll free has a special call charging procedure where the called party is charged the cost of the calls by the telephone carrier, instead of the calling party.
  3. Call forwarding on busy / no answer:
    • If an incoming call request cannot be served (for instance because the line is busy or does not answer), the call can be forwarded to another destination. Announcements and voice mailboxes can also be specified as alternative destinations. This ensures that callers always receive a response of one sort or another, at least.
  4. Origin Dependent Routing:
    • The origin of the call is one of the criteria that results in special treatment of the call. The place of origin determines how the call will be routed. It is possible to restrict acceptance of calls to those calls that originate in defined regions. In this case the service is not available outside these defined regions.
  5. Call Distribution:
    • If the destination is an organization with several telephone numbers, it is possible to distribute calls to these lines on a percentage basis.
  6. Subscriber Specific Announcement:
    • This option enables the toll free service customer to play prerecorded voice information referring callers to other numbers, explaining service conditions, or other general information
  7. Time Dependent Routing:
    • The time of day of the call determines how the call will be routed. An unlimited number of time windows can be defined, during which calls are routed to different destinations.
      These time windows can be defined, for example, in terms of hour and minutes, Morning/afternoon/evening and/or day of the week, that a customer desires to provide to callers.

Charges for National Toll Free Service 800

Monthly Rental Mobile Call Rate Fixed Line Call Rate
10 OMR 27 Bz/min 17 Bz/min

How to Apply

  1. Print and Fill out the Toll Free Application Form (PDF).
  2. Provide the following:
    • A signed and sealed guarantee letter from the establishment undertaking to settle all bills related to the service.
      (This must be on the official original letterhead print)
    • Verified copy of Commercial Registration Certificate
    • Verified copy of Authorized Signature
    • Verified copy of PRO’s ID and Labour Card
    • A letter of authorization from the establishment to the PRO
    • Company’s seal

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