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SIP Trunk

As part of Omantel’s keenness to introduce innovative products and services and in response to fulfilling the diverse telecommunication needs and requirements introduce to you the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk Service. The SIP-Trunk Service allows for easy communication between your employees and customers over the Internet as a substitute to traditional fixed telephone networks.

  • Latest Technology
    Through the use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunk Service you gain access to the latest telephone service technology in the market.
  • Cost-Effective
    The Equipment required to set-up SIP Trunk Service are more cost effective compared to other technologies, in addition to allowing users to perform operations through a single, integrated voice platform for all offices, rather than using separate lines which reduces administrative costs.
  • Self-Service
    One of the main benefits of SIP is the ease of management of the network allowing you to add/remove/modify your telecom requirements based on your needs and requirements
  • Ensuring Continuity
    Since the Service operates through Internet Protocol, it makes managing the service much easier in addition to minimizing the time required for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • High Quality Calls
    Get Better quality sound ensuring your communication get across clearly.

Additional Services*

We understand that you lead a very busy life and our wide selection of additional services makes easier to be in touch with everyone. Choose from any of the special features listed below and rest assured that whichever ones you choose, they will suit your lifestyle. You can add the below additional services on your own, and without delays.

Additional Services*
Voice Mail
Conference Call
Call Waiting
Calling Number ID
Caller Password
Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Incoming Only
International Call Barring
Local Only
Outgoing Only
Announcement Services
Abbreviated Dialing
Announcement Services
* The additional services are not limited to the above more features are available based on the device used for SIP Trunk


No. of Channels Installation (OMR) Monthly Tariff (OMR)
10 200 60
20 200 75
30 200 90

How to Apply

  1. Print and Fill out the SIP Trunk form (PDF).
  2. Provide the following:
    • A signed and sealed guarantee letter from the establishment undertaking to settle all bills related to the service.
      (This must be on the official original letterhead print)
    • Copy of Commercial Registration Certificate must be verified.
    • Copy of Authorized Signature must be verified.
    • PRO’s ID and Labor Card to be verified.
    • A letter of authorization from the establishment to the PRO is to be attached.
    • Company’s seal
    • Copy of type approval of the equipment

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