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Omantel and Rihal sign an MoU to benefit from RPA solutions

The MoU was signed by Azzan bin Qais Al Kindi, CEO of Rihal, and Eng. Sami bin Ahmed Al Ghassani, Chief Operating Officer of Omantel, in the presence of officials from both sides.

Commenting on this MoU, Sami bin Ahmed Al Ghassani, Omantel’s Chief Operating Officer said: “Omantel is proud of the capabilities of the Omani youth that qualify them to lead the next phase of the Renewed Renaissance and achieve the ambitions set out in Oman Vision 2040”.

“We at Omantel give special importance to the Omani youth because we believe that they have the capabilities and energies that push them to be creative and innovative in various fields. For this reason, Omantel has invested in creating a conducive environment that suits their aspirations and develops their skills. The "Generation Z" program reflects Omantel's vision towards youth in terms of empowering them, enhancing their leadership capabilities by providing an environment that helps them to gain hands-on experiences, identify challenges, and come out with practical solutions, he added.

"Life is moving at a fast pace due to rapid successive modern technologies and developments. Young people have proven that they are the best to keep pace with such developments and modern technologies. For this reason, we are pleased to join hands with Rihal to train a group of trainees of the Generation Z program in RPA to add to their experience and knowledge.

In turn, Azzan bin Qais Al Kindi, CEO of Rihal, said: “This cooperation between Rihal and Omantel aims to enhance cooperation, share practical knowledge and experiences and develop future skills among Omani youths.

In response to a question about Rihal’s role in the training plan, Al Kindi noted that RPA is one of Rihal's core areas of expertise. The Process Automation department will provide the trainees with a comprehensive training program that will help them gain knowledge and develop their career in one of the booming industries in the current digital economy.”

It should be noted that RPA technology, which is part of Omantel's operations, is one of the services provided by Rihal. The technology reduces time and effort with high efficiency. The training program will help the training keep abreast with the developments in the field of information automation. It will also complete the RPA program, which already started at Omantel.