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Omantel wins “Excellence in Telecom” at COMEX 2022 Awards

May 31st, 2022, Muscat - Omantel remains leader in telecom and ICT by the virtue of several factors including innovation, creativity, tech-based solutions, savings and productivity. These factors have once again led to Omantel winning the “Excellence in Telecom” category at the COMEX 2022 Awards held during the recent COMEX Week in Muscat.


The award measures achievements made by contending companies in innovation, customer service, sustainable approaches, vision and strategic manoeuvrers that have led to enhanced service delivery.


‘’The award recognises Omantel’s expanding coverage, its tech solutions bouquet and its infrastructural might, which collectively are leading Oman’s telecom landscape. Telecom is so much more than just communication and phone connections. It is a constantly evolving ecosystem that needs to be nurtured and expanded. Omantel has been playing this part for years and continues to excel in everything that it stands for – the people and the economy of Oman, said Aladdin Baitfadhil,’’ Omantel’s Chief Commercial Officer, who received the award.


Omantel has been bringing competitive pricing, new products and services, market leadership and operational excellence. Omantel’s most important stakeholders, its customers, benefit from the Company’s superior service, unmatched coverage, affordable bundles, privacy and much more. It’s telecom affiliates benefit from great supply chain management and prudent ICT infrastructure investment.  


Omantel was the strongest contender for the award, given its accomplishments, especially in the past two years, which have been difficult due to the pandemic. The Company continued to stride ahead with its evolved offerings as an integrated telecom service provider covering the needs of people and economic sectors and thus, helping them bounce back with more resilience. These innovative solutions turned the tide towards a more digitally enhanced society with ICT forming the backbone for a stronger, more sustainable future for Oman. Omantel’s ICT repertoire encompasses three broad segments, which are Data Centre Services, Software Services and Managed Services.


Omantel has been deploying 4iR technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Smart cities, blockchain, and most recently, the 5G network.  The Company was the first telecom operator in Oman to launch 5G for mobile phones in 2021.

The award also is a nod to Omantel’s initiatives on Intelligent Public Infrastructure, Smart Building Management Solutions, Digital Banking and Healthcare Services Infrastructure, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning and Smart Contracts.


Omantel is the Sultanate’s first and leading integrated telecommunications and ICT services provider, enabling the digital society to flourish, allowing new ways of doing business and delivering a world of information, news and entertainment. While striving to ensure optimum customer satisfaction, Omantel plays a key social role to provide the required support and subsidy to all sectors of the Omani society.