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Omantel offers tickets to the Maldives, Milan and Dubai for Makasib customers

Coinciding with Omantel being a main sponsor in Salalah Tourism Festival 2014, Omantel has announced the launch of new promotional offers for “Makasib” program customers which give them the opportunity to win tickets on Oman Air to visit three destinations the Maldives, Milan and Dubai for each 1000 redeemed points which give them a chance to enter the draw that will take place on 14 September 2014.

Commenting on this promotion, Usama Ahmed Al Rawas, Manager Loyalty and communication at Omantel Consumer Unit said: “In line with Omantel’s continuous efforts to provide best value and enhance customer experience to its customers, Omantel offers this promotion to add a great value to Makasib customers. We seek throughout this new offer to keep in touch with our customers by providing them with the best rewards and promotional offers.”

“This new offer provides the opportunity to many of “Makasib” customers to enter the draw to win three tickets to the Maldives, Milan and Dubai by flying on Oman Air. When 1000 points are redeemed by dialing *224*3#, customer can get an opportunity of entering the draw, and the more redeemed points, the more chances to enter the draw. Customers from Platinum category will have an opportunity to win a round trip ticket from Muscat to Milan in the business class, whereas the Gold and Silver customers will have the opportunity to win round trip tickets from Muscat to Dubai and from Muscat to the Maldives in the economy class for every 1000 redeemed points. The” Al-Rawas added.

Since its launch, Makasib Loyalty Program has earned customers' trust due to the real value and the different experience provided to them. All Omantel costumers are invited to join Makasib by dialing the short code *224# and following the simple instructions or sending an SMS with the word “Makasib” or “M” to 91224. After registration, customers will start earning Makasib and Status points for every 100 Baisa they spend on any Omantel service