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Omantel To Conduct SME Symposium in Dhofar Tomorrow

In response to the recommendations made at the SMEs Decision Implementation Follow Up Symposium and in a bid to enhance the relationship between Omantel and SMEs, Omantel will organize tomorrow Wednesday at Crown Plaza Hotel in Salalah the second SME symposium under the theme 'Omantel , Together' from 9.00 am to 2.00pm.

The organization of the second version of this symposium comes after the success of the first symposium which was organized at Omantel HQs in Mawaleh in Muscat Governorate in the presence of a large number of entrepreneurs.

The workshop provided an ideal platform for discussing Omantel procurement process & procedures designed a special package to enhance supporting SME participation on Omantel procurement transactions. It will also include tips on” How to do business with Omantel.”

“Omantel is making great endeavors to support the efforts made by the Omani government to enhance the growth of the national economy and activate the role played by SMEs in the Omani economy. Omantel beliefs that SMEs can play vital role in implementing the comprehensive and sustainable development in the Sultanate” said Thamer bin Said Al Kathiri, General Manager of Procurement & Contracts at Omantel.

”This symposium comes as part of the efforts made by Omantel to facilities the role played by SMEs in the growth of the national economy. Omantel is keen to meeting directly with entrepreneurs in Dhofar Governorate to share with them the procedures designed to enhance their participations."

"The workshop will provide an ideal opportunity to discuss with SMEs the measures required to activate their involvement. This should contribute positively toward the development of local communities and society as well,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the organization of this symposium builds on the success made by the first workshop in Muscat Governorate. Omantel plans to conducts similar symposiums in other governorates to ensure better engagement with SMEs throughout the Sultanate.