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Unlimited Whatsapp on ‘Hayyak Your Way’ from Omantel

Committed towards offering market-leading value-added products and services, Omantel has launched an exciting new promotion specifically for new and existing customers for its ‘Hayyak Your Way’ mobile prepaid plans. The new promotion offers unlimited use of WhatsApp for an additional subscription fee of only R.O 1 per month, adding even greater value to the already feature-packed ‘Hayyak Your Way’ mobile plans. 
As part of the offer, all new and existing subscribers of any ‘Hayyak Your Way’ mobile plan can opt in to enjoy unlimited usage of WhatsApp for the duration of their plan at a subscription fee of only R.O 1. Those wishing to avail the offer need only dial *280# for the ‘Hayyak Your Way’ menu and then choose ‘Social Media Add-ons’ followed by ‘WhatsApp Unlimited’.
Commenting on the unlimited Whatsapp promotion, Mohammed Omar Al Hakmani, Manager of Core Services – Consumer Business Unit noted, “At Omantel we are always on the lookout for ways to offer even greater value to our customers. Given the incredible popularity of WhatsApp in Oman we thought it would be great to give ‘Hayyak Your Way’ customers the option of unlimited use of the social media app for a nominal fee of R.O 1, regardless of which plan they are subscribed to. Better still, by subscribing to this add on, our customers can free up the additional social media data they receive with the ‘Hayyak Your Way’ mobile plan for the other four apps.”
Omantel’s Hayyak plans offer the complete Mobile internet solution, supported by the wide coverage of Omantel’s 4G and 3.5G networks. Hayyak plans are truly unique in terms of value, coverage and benefits, meaning customers can select the plan that best suits their personal needs and lifestyle. Hayyak prepaid also gives subscribers total control over spending, making it the perfect plan for the budget conscious or those customers who just want the freedom to not have to worry about overspending. Pay in advance with recharge vouchers, online or through E-payment machines and take control today.
Further adding to this flexibility are the ‘Hayyak Your Way’ mobile packages. Designed specifically for the mobile generation, each of the ‘Hayyak Your Way’ mobile plans include free unlimited voice calls for five Omantel numbers, data for internet and instant messaging, and bonus extra data specifically for five of the most popular social media applications – WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook; all in one versatile plan. The mobile plan is divided into three pricing segments, catering to the different needs of subscribers. Starting from only R.O 7 per month, customers can subscribe to the ‘Hayyak Your Way 7’ package and enjoy 1GB of regular data usage, plus 1GB of data for the social media applications. Additionally, subscribers who wish to use more data can opt for the ‘Hayyak Your Way 10’ for only R.O 10 per month. This package includes 2GB regular data usage, plus 2GB for the social media applications. At the top end of the range is ‘Hayyak Your Way 15’ for R.O 15 per month, which delivers 4GB regular data usage, plus an additional 4GB for the social media applications. Regardless of their plan of choice, subscribers can also top-up their data for only R.O 2 for every 1GB.
As demand for mobile and fixed broadband services continues to rise across the Sultanate, Omantel is investing heavily in network expansion and modernisation. Guided by the Omantel 3.0 transformation strategy, the company continues to innovate, streamline, and revolutionise its digital smart home and business services. Positioned as the digital partner of choice, in the consumer arena as well as for public and private sector businesses, Omantel is enabling the digital society to flourish and grow across all sectors in the Sultanate.