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Omantel and Oman LNG build bridges toward HR Excellence

Omantel and Oman LNG have signed a pivotal agreement stipulates a strategic partnership in human resources field, which includes training and development, cross posting opportunities, leading change and Human Resources systems. 

The three-year agreement, inked at Omantel’s Head Office, enhances the on-going cooperation of Oman’s largest companies and enhancing the majority state-owned companies to build bridges toward human resources excellence. 

The collaboration is a consolidation of efforts in relation to various human resources aspects such as staff development and capacity building, where both companies will share knowledge and exchange expertise in various disciplines within the world-class human resources practices.

The agreement underpins both companies’ aim to strengthen collaboration in the vibrant human resources practices, such as performance management, data analysis, job engagement, project management, and HSE programmes at the work place, as well as strengthening the management of human resources systems. The agreement capitalizes on the rich experience of both companies in the field of human resources.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Ghalib Al Hosni, Chief People Officer at Omantel, and Ahmed Al Zakwany, Oman LNG’s Chief Financial Officer.

Dr. Ghalib Al Hosni, Chief People Officer at Omantel, commented “We live in a fast-paced world where change can happen in the blink of an eye. To continue leading the industry with innovative technologies and smart solutions, it is important for Omantel to go on with investing in its most valuable asset, that is the human resources which is the engine for our transformation and success. By joining hands with Oman LNG, we believe that our human resources management will be taken forward by sharing knowledge and expertise, and this will also be reflected in our training and development programmes.”

He further said, “Additionally, this step comes in line with Omantel’s strategy to boost collaboration with public and private entities, in a way that sets the ground for more achievements and developments that contribute to the Sultanate’s growth.” 

Ahmed Awladthani, Oman LNG’s Chief Human Resources Officer, said that “We are, at Oman LNG, delighted to cooperate with our partners in various areas, where human resources and staff development top the list. Fostering staff development is the bedrock for any country’s advancement and economic growth. Today’s agreement builds on our existing relationship with Omantel which will further enhance the performance of both companies through sharing knowledge and expertise of best human resources practices”.

“Together, we continue to build our human resources management and set the best practices that will ensure a positive and nurturing work environment that meets employees’ aspirations and encourages creativity and innovation.” Ahmed concluded. 

Oman LNG’s high degree of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, thorough standards of review and implementation, the Company has been adjudged as the Best Company in Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Arab region. 

Oman LNG has an ambitious vision and dedication towards CSR through the Oman LNG Development Foundation. The Oman LNG Development Foundation addresses four key pillars of sustainable social development; the first pillar being Corporate Social Responsibility delivered through a Community Fund targeting initiatives related to the Sur Community where its world-class, three-train liquefaction plant is located, a National Fund that covers social development programmes across the nation, and a Reserve Fund to provide CSR continuity and sustainability; the second helps Deliver Value for Oman LNG and Shareholders; the third Secures the Future through collaborations and investments; and finally, the fourth a Centre of Excellence enabling others to develop CSR initiatives.