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Omantel launches Top-up rewards for Hayyak customers

While complementing its great value and offers provided by Omantel’s loyalty programs, the company announced the launch of its latest Hayyak offer which aims to add value and excitement to Hayyak experience by providing the customers with the opportunity to receive free rewards of local or international minutes or local or international SMS when they top-up with OMR 5 or more. The offer provides the customer with the flexibility to select whether to receive and use the reward or to gift it to other Hayyak customer.

Commenting on this, Usama Ahmed Al Rawas Manager Loyalty and Communication Management at Consumer Unit said: “the loyalty programs have been designed to enhance our customer experience as well as reward them with different offers and packages. Following the success of “Makasib program”, this new offer for Hayyak customers is a complement ongoing initiative to add more value to the Hayyak experience."

“We at Omantel are always committed to provide our customers with innovative offers which keep them in touch with their families and loved ones. This new promotion offers Hayyak customers with verity of rewards of local - international minutes, local – international SMS when they top-up with OMR 5 or more. The customers may use these reward or gift it to other Hayyak customer”. He added Al Rawas has also indicated that all Hayyak customers can take part in this offer by sending a text message with the “R” or “Register “to 91224. Once the registered Hayyak customers top-up with OMR 5 or more, they will receive a message with informing them of the random reward they’ve won and provides them with the option whether to take the reward by sending “T*Offer Number” to 91224, or if they want to gift it to other Hayyak customer they should send “G*Receiving Number*Offer Number” to 91224.

It is worth to mention that Omantel has the wider network of contacts and Faster Mobile Communications in the Sultanate. In addition to support the Third and Fourth Generation Network with high quality speed in most governorates of the Sultanate. Omantel has succeeded in linking all areas of the Sultanate with each other and with the outside world through a modern network of fixed and mobile communications along with Internet services. For further information please visit our web site or call our call center on 1234.