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Omantel supports mapping platforms updates in the

Omantel – the premier provider of integrated ICT services in the Sultanate – has made great strides in bringing latest technologies and smart solutions to the country, paving the way for a thriving digital society. 

Recently, the latest version of the most widely used mapping platform ‘Google Maps 5.6’ has been released, with enhancement to the Automatic Navigation across the Sultanate and other features that were not fully functional in Oman prior to that release. This has been achieved after several discussions between Omantel, Google and Google Developer Group Muscat and with Ministry of Tourism’s support.

In addition to checking traffic conditions and nearby places, updated maps and their fully functional mobile applications are also important tools for the logistics industry, with many start-ups relying on maps to deliver parcels and packages in a more agile and dynamic manner than regular carrier services. 

HE Maitha Al Mahrouqi, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Tourism, said “We are glad about the new update to Google Maps and as the Automatic Navigation feature for Oman is now fully functional, it will be much easier for tourists to wander around our country and enjoy all its beauty from mountains and beaches to charming historic and cultural attractions.” 

She also added, “Our cooperation in updating the features of mapping platforms in Oman is in line with the strategic vision to boost tourism in the Sultanate and increase its contribution to the GDP. It also comes as part of the Government’s efforts in digital transformation and offering advanced e-services.” 

Samy Al Ghassany, Chief Operations Officer at Omantel, commented “Updating mapping platforms is an important element in preparing the ground for efficient smart services. As a result, we managed to deliver ‘Daleel 1010’, Oman’s first interactive yellow pages that provides customers instant information throughout the day via phone, mobile app and website.”

Fadi Nasser, General Manager of Omantel’s ICT Unit, said “Omantel builds on its strategic partnerships to offer digital services that bring about a real change to the business dynamics in the country. Being the most popular mapping platform in the world, Google Maps adds a great value to businesses, particularly in logistics and tourism, and it encourages tourists to further explore the Sultanate.” 

Alya Al Shanfari, Founder of Google Developer Group Muscat, commented “We work hand in hand with Omantel and Ministry of Tourism to constantly update Google Maps and enhance the user experience for tourists and residents alike.” 

Khalid Al Hosni, Founder and CEO of Markeetex, “Updating Google Maps is a significant step forward as it encourages leading a digital lifestyle, including online shopping. It also increases customer satisfaction as it makes doorstep delivery much faster and easier.”