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Ten winners in Omantel Olympics for Coding

Ten students have been announced winners in the third round of ‘Omantel Olympics for Coding’, after successfully solving detailed coding and algorithms tasks.

The winners were announced in a ceremony held at Omantel HQ on Thursday, with the presence of Samy bin Ahmed Al Ghassany, Chief Operations Officer at Omantel, and Dr.Yaqoob bin Khalfan al Nadabi, Director General of the General Directorate of Scouts and Guides at the Ministry of Education.


Omantel Olympics for Coding is based on excelling in a number of skills, including problem solving and critical thinking, and find solutions using algorithms that transfer to coding languages like Java, C++ and Python. The initiative is jointly held by Omantel and Ministry of Education, and its primary goal is to seek for talented youngsters who together will form a national team that can participate in international programming competitions. The initiative is also aimed at increasing awareness on the importance of technology in development and innovation, and encourage youth to tap into the digital world.

Last week, Omantel and Ministry of Education had conducted the third round of the competition in which 30 students participated, under a direct supervision of Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT), and in coordination with Code Academy Oman, and it focused on data structure and algorithms based on popular programming languages.



Laila al Wahaibi, CSR Manager at Omantel, said “We congratulate the winners of Omantel Olympics for Coding for all their efforts during the past period, and now they will have a great opportunity to enroll in an intensive training programme to boost their skills.”

 “We reaffirm our commitment to continue supporting youngsters in programming, computer science and innovation, and help them to shine in line with the Sultanate’s vision in digital transformation and sustainable technology sector.”

Dr Maya Said Al Azri, Director of Innovation and Scientific Olympiad at the Ministry of Education, commented “We joined hands with Omantel to carry out this initiative as we believe in the importance of procedural programming to our life and to cope with Industry 4.0 requirements, which essentially relies on programming, such as artificial intelligence, robots, Internet of Things and others. Therefore, the ministry found it necessary to empower students in technology and make use of their talents and skills in preparing national manpower that can efficiently compete in programming regionally and globally.”