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Convert Makasib to TM! Done Credit

Convert Makasib Points to TM! Done Credit

Makasib members will be able to convert their Makasib Points to TM! DONE Credit, which will be available in TM! DONE’s wallet.

How to Convert:

Makasib points can be converted to TM DONE credit by following these steps:
• Step 1: Dial *224*1*5# and follow instructions

Makasib Points TM! Done Credit (R.O)
4000 5
7000 10
10000 15

Terms & Conditions

  • The Makasib number used for conversion must be register with TM DONE. Otherwise, the conversion will be cancelled.
  • If you are a Makasib, member but you do not have a TM DONE account, you need to register through TM DONE application.
  • Makasib points converted to TM DONE credit will be add as credit to your TM DONE wallet.
  • Credit in TM DONE wallet is valid for 6 months.
  • Expired credit cannot be extended or refund.
  • TM DONE terms & conditions on TM DONE wallet apply.