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Value Added Services

Nizwa Mawqify Service

Mawqify service

is in cooperation with Nizwa Municipality and this partnership comes in activating the fee-paying parking spaces in Nizwa Souq and paying by mobile phone via text messages. And they can subscribe parking in Nizwa Souq by mobile phone and choose the time according to their needs. The service is available in Baqati and Hayyak.

How to subscribe

You can subscribe to the Mawqify service by sending a text message to 90091 by entering the vehicle plate number, space the vehicle plate code, space the required period in minutes for example (12345 Z 30 )
All details can be find below tables:

Duration (minutes) Tariff (Baiza) without VAT
30 Minutes 100 BZ
60 Minutes 200 BZ
90 Minutes 300 BZ
120 minutes 400 BZ
150 minutes 500 BZ
180 minutes 600 BZ
210 minutes 700 BZ
240 minutes 800 BZ
270 minutes 900 BZ
300 minutes 1000 BZ

Days Time where you can book through the service
Saturday till Thursday 07:00-13:00 Also 16:00-21:00
Friday 07:00-11:00 Also 16:00-21:00